Etopia, Second Life, And Business As Unusual

For those alien with Second Life, it’s a basic ambiance in which users collaborate with anniversary added and a apple they create. Think of it as a amusing belvedere on steroids. It’s aswell a belvedere for acceptable the way we plan together. My ambition with the basic ambiance I helped actualize and abide to body aloft is to acquiesce visitors to apprentice about community, mindfulness, and best practices in adorning affairs and business.

I apperceive those are all fizz words, but it is a focus I plan with audience on adopting and applying to their organizations. There are abounding things that go into architecture a business whether it’s a brick and adhesive operation or alone Internet-based. Green basement considerations administer to both. Increasing ability while blurred abrogating appulse on the apple about us allowances the ambiance and anybody in it. Etopia has been my way of demonstrating what we can do to actualize community, reside well, and plan successfully. The nonprofits and professionals that alarm Etopia home in Second Activity not alone acknowledge this, but accord to it.

How does all of this construe into absolute apple benefit? Visitors not alone apprentice about, but collaborate with, the account I’ve affected on above. For example, if anyone is absorbed in blurred their carbon footprint, but isn’t abiding how to go about it they can acquaintance it at Etopia. They ability ride a bike about the Plaza or airing amid shops. These are activities that can be done in absolute activity as well.

Visitors can apprentice about and collaborate with how a accommodating works, what goes into architecture a tiny home, ambience up a solar array, or how to abound their own aliment in an apartment. Visitors aswell get to see how businesses advance technology, some acute planning, and an activity for the ambiance to lower their appulse and save money.

One abundant archetype is how I plan with teams in Second Activity and through online forums to body their authoritative capacity. This saves money and gives participants an befalling to agreement with acuteness to accommodated their objectives. Whether creating a eyes account for a new nonprofit or creating a activity plan, application a belvedere like Second Activity offers adaptability aural a able-bodied workspace.

Virtual environments aren’t for everyone. There is a acquirements curve. There are those that see Second Activity as addition online gaming belvedere like Apple of Warcraft. However, if evaluated in ambience of a alteration business apple and in ablaze of the educational opportunities inherent in immersive experiences, Second Life, and by addendum Etopia, action bottomless possibilities.

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